Our Story

Tripp + Archer was a dream without a name for many years.  I always wanted to curate a boutique of my own, but it always needed to take a backseat to other, more important things- namely motherhood and my other love, teaching.

Then one night in November of 2021, everything changed.

Our youngest son, Tripp Archer, had a drowning accident.  My worst nightmare had come true.  He was gone when we found him, but by only the Grace of God he was brought back to us by the capable hands of many first responders, doctors and nurses.  We spent the next 116 days sleeping on a couch in the children's hospital, with every beep from his machines taking our every breath.  

Tripp was able to leave the hospital in March of 2022, and so began a whole new way of living.  Daily therapy is our new normal and going back to my precious students (in my perfectly bright pink classroom!) was not possible.  I remember panicking, thinking, "How am I going to be there for my son's rehabilitation without forsaking the rest of my family's needs?"  God was clear- now was the time for that nameless dream of mine.

Tripp + Archer was born out of tragedy- literally beauty from ashes.  Through this shop I hope women feel empowered in their own story and qualified to do what they thought would always remain just a dream.  I hope these clothes and accessories make people feel good, but more than that I hope Tripp's story makes them feel even better; renews them with hope, and a sense that nothing is too far gone for Jesus.

In addition to being your go-to for clothing, accessories, and home and gift items, a portion of all profits from Tripp + Archer will always go to help other families who find themselves in this same journey.  My family would not be at the point we are today without the support and guidance from those that walked this road before us, and we are forever grateful.